Frequently Asked Questions On Sex


What is sex                                            

Broadly the term “sex” is referred to sexual intercourse including the various sexual practices or to gender identification. Sexual excitement is a natural feeling of all living beings on the earth,  which tempts to sexual activities for the want of sexual pleasure considered as one of the life’s most rewarding and joyful experiences.

What is an Orgasm     

Orgasm also called as Climax, is an intense pleasurable feeling which occurs when a full body releases its sexual tension that builds up as a consequence of sexual excitement. Usually an orgasm accompanies with ejaculation in men.

What is an erection               

Erection is a type of involuntary response controlled by the relaxed branch (parasympathetic) of involuntary nervous system. In this state a penis gets enlarged and hard. When a person is sexually aroused, triggered by brain signals the three cylindrical shaped spongy chambers (2 corpora cavernosa and 1 corpus spongiosum) inside the penis get relaxed and are tightly filled up with blood causing the organ longer and harder to give an erection. When a person gets an erection it may sometimes be called a Boner though there is no any bone in penis. Every time a man does not get the same size of erection and there may be little variations. All it depends on the intensity of desire and blood flowing condition in the penile area, internal feelings etc., at that particular time of sex.

What are the factors which affect the sexual stamina/libido         

The general causes which decrease the male sexual desire are:       

Few medications being used for ailments like BP, diabetes, cancers, pains etc.

Erratic living style, idle life, alcoholism, smoking, obesity, age, critical surgeries, depression, stress, fatigue, hormonal issues like low testosterone levels, thyroid problems, prostate problems, chronic illness, distraction, relationship problems, history of sexual abuse, lack of time, excessive religious sentiments etc. are the usual causes which reduce the sexual desire.

What is the erectile dysfunction

It is also known as impotence. It is the inability to get sufficient erection that can substantially be maintained till the end of intercourse. Sometimes no erection is felt.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction

The general causes for ED are:

Drugs related to diabetes – high blood pressure – depression and cancers etc. Health concerns like BP – diabetes – obesity, age, vascular problems, cardiac and renal issues, prostate disorders, spinal injuries. Alcoholism, smoking, debility, depression, stress etc.  

What is premature ejaculation/Early ejaculation

It implies the meaning “coming out soon”. A premature ejaculation (early ejaculation) is an ejaculation that happens too soon for a man, may sometimes even before the penetration, after the beginning of sexual intercourse. Even though, there is no consensus on uniform cut-off time to define the “premature”, the majority sexologists opine that, any sexual intercourse lasting less than 2 minutes can be considered premature ejaculation.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation/early ejaculation

The general causes of PE are:        

Performance anxiety, neurological disorders, psychological distress, penile (glans) hypersensitivity, loss of control, insecurity feelings, interventions to seminal tract etc.

What is a retarded ejaculation (delayed ejaculation/inhibited ejaculation)

Retarded ejaculation is a condition in which a male cannot ejaculate even after a long period like 30 minutes or more during sexual activity.

What are the causes of retarded ejaculation

The common reasons found responsible for retarded ejaculation are:        

Thyroid and pituitary disorders, hypogonadism, excessive alcoholism, failure of prostate or pelvic  or spinal surgeries, psychological issues, stress and depression, blockage of ducts through which semen passes, testosterone deficiency, cultural or religious feelings which consider sex as sinful, lack of interest in partner, medicines like antidepressants, antipsychotics, excessive masturbation which involves  high pressure etc.

What is retrograde ejaculation (anejaculation/dry orgasm)            

It is a typical condition where orgasm occurs, but after orgasm semen enters in to bladder with a little or no discharge of semen out of penis. It is not a harmful condition but leads to male infertility.

What are the causes of retrograde ejaculation

The general causes are:       

Ejaculatory duct obstruction, medications used in psychological issues and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), urethral stricture, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, in testicular cancer, autonomic nervous system failure etc.

What is a refractory period      

It is the gap between an ejaculation and being able to get another erection. This gap varies from person to person and it can last from minutes to hours. Generally young men take little time whereas elders take more time as this gap increases with the growth of age. It is a myth that, quite young people get another erection right away after an ejaculation. Every male needs to wait for some time.

What is an ideal size of a penis

There is no any particular parameter in the world to say which is an ideal size. Every one’s penis is unique. Generally, the average length of an adult penis varies from 2.5 to 4 inches in a flaccid/limb state (sleeping condition) and 5 to 6.5 inches when erected with a little variation in size, girth and shape. This variation is because of genetic and ethnic factors. In rare cases, due to genetic disorders, some have abnormal sizes which cause discomfort in sexual intercourse. Just like other parts of a human body have restrictions in growth after certain age, in the same way a male organ also has certain limitation in growth after a man attains puberty.

Can I grow my male organ to big size of 9 or 10 inches like it appears in porn films

Majority guys like to measure their masculinity by the size of their penis instead of sexual stamina and sex skills. A big organ like of 9 or 10 inches is an illusion. It is a myth created by porno industry which is directly or indirectly linked with the marketing of pills, pumps, creams etc. which they falsely claim to have an effect of increasing size by 3 or 4 inches. You see big sizes in porn films because of graphic effects and usage of rubber or latex made organs. As other organs of body end to grow at certain age, in the same way, penis also stops to grow at certain age of maturity with no chance of further growth. In reality, abnormal size causes discomfort to female partner and wounds female organ as well.

What is Mircropenis and Microphallus

Micropenis and Microphallus both are a physical condition where the size of a penis is less than 2.5 inches in flaccid condition (sleeping condition) or less than 3.35 inches in erected condition. These both terms are used to refer short size of penis, but in general, Microphallus is used when it is associated with hypospadias i.e. a typical condition where the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis. This is due to urologic, genetic or hormonal issues and in these cases penetrative sex might be difficult.

My male organ is small. Can I satisfy well my partner

Whether banana is small or big is not the question, but how sweet it is important. In the same way, the sexual stamina and the “Art of Love” are important. Even if you have penis of 3.5 inches in erected condition you can also satisfy your partner well. Usually women experience two main kinds of orgasms i.e. Clitoral orgasm and G-spot orgasm. Clitoris is found at the top of vulva just above the urethra at the vaginal opening which is not concerned with the size of penis. G-spot is also found inside the vagina just within the reach of 2 inches from vaginal opening. So, extra size is immaterial in terms of giving the pleasure to a woman.

What is the “ideal performance time” or how long should a sexual intercourse last to satisfy the female partner

There is no any bench mark to decide the ideal duration of sexual intercourse. The duration of time depends on various factors like interest of partners, psychological preparations of partners, stimulation skills, intensity of desires in partners, sexual stamina and health conditions etc. However, majority sexologists think that, at least a 2 minute sexual intercourse (Intra-vaginal ejaculatory latency time – IELT) may be treated as a fruitful sexual coitus.

What is the normal frequency of sexual intercourse

There is no any particular thumb rule to fix the frequencies. It all depends on the wishes and passions, health conditions of partners. As the age grows, the frequency between sexual intercourse decreases in many cases.

How to get strong sex stamina and how to get the maximum erection

Healthy living style, nutritious food, proper physical exercise, good health, tensionless life etc. help to have strong sex stamina. Apart from these, certain herbal ingredients also help in increasing and maintaining better sex stamina.

Maximum or ultimate erection depends on certain factors like good health, good vascular system, blood flowing condition in to penile region, muscular strength of penis, free of stress/anxiety etc. When a person gets maximum blood flow in to penile chambers with a severe desire then the penis gets maximum erection which gives him the feeling of having some extra size with more rigidity and more girth. So, the “erection length and strength” wholly depend on one’s intensity of desire, blood flowing condition in penile chambers, health conditions and mood etc.

Our product Viriltone is made of certain effective and safe herbal ingredients which help increase sex stamina and help increase blood flow in to penile area to achieve the maximum erection.

Does excess sex weaken a person

“Excess” itself implies that “extra than what is enough”. To feel weakness or stay tireless all depends on one’s health and strength. In fact, every sexual intercourse is an exercise in itself which require some calories i.e. energy. The loss of calories depends upon the vigorousness and duration of the act. Such output of calories may be compensated by input of proper nutritious food. Then generally the debility may not be felt. However, a few males may feel tiredness after the act due to contractions of pelvic muscles during the ejaculation.

Whether the girth of male organ is also significant        

Depending on racial, ethnic and genetic effects some have slender and some have stout penises. Girth helps in exerting “friction & pressure” on Clitoris and G-spot for sexual stimulations which make women to experience maximum orgasms. Circumference varies from person to person and usually it measures between 3.11 – 6.2 inches in erected condition.

What are STDs & STIs and what kinds are they

STDs is known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases and STIs is known as Sexually Transmitted Infections. Both are same. There are several kinds of STDs some of which are caused by bacteria and some others by viruses. Some STDs are curable and some are incurable which make to suffer lifelong.

STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc. are caused by bacteria and others like hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, human papilloma virus (HPV) and the fatal Hiv-Aids etc. are caused by viruses.

STDs don’t spontaneously occur. Sex with multiple partners, sexual activities like vaginal-penile sex – oral sex – anal sex etc. in unhygienic and unprotected conditions, sex or kissing (contact with saliva) with STD infected partner, infected blood transfusion, using of needles, razors which have already been used by infected people etc., are most common reasons for STDs.

Are the oral sex and the anal sex good and safe

The good or the bad depends on the interests and practices of partners. They are safe unless and until required hygienic conditions are maintained and protective measures are taken.

Is condom safe to avoid STDs       

Mostly it is safe as long as it is intact and unbroken. But in every case the safety is not established. It also needs the proper usage. One should be aware of the quality, condition, expiry etc. of a condom before using it. Polyurethane condoms, though they are expensive, are considered more effective.

Using double condom is safer                                                                                                            

No doubt it gives the sense of extra protection but there is more risk in this method. There are chances of friction between layers of two condoms which may result in the damage or rupture of condoms.

Does alcohol affect the sex

Absolutely. Alcohol does not make sex better. Occasional short drinks may not affect but regular intake will surely affect. Alcohol is a depressant and slowdowns brain activity which impairs balance, concentration, coordination, energy etc., which are needed for a satisfied sex. It also reduces inhibitions. Under the influence of alcohol when one thinks of sex, it may for a moment, arouse his desire but it will make him to “lose the battle”. Abnormal intakes lead to sexual disorders like low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, low sex-drive, early ejaculation etc.

Is Viagra useful in all sexual disorders

No. Though it is effective, certainly it is not useful in all sexual issues. Medications like Viagra (sildenafill citrate), Levitra (vardenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) are called Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors. These are not to be used recreationally but to be used under medical advice. All these are effective but with their own side-effects. These medicines mainly increase blood flow in to penis which helps gain and sustain erection during sex, particularly in erectile dysfunction cases, but sexual stimulation is still required for these medications to work. If one doesn’t feel any sex stimulation then these medicines are of no use for him. Persons suffering from blood pressure (BP) issues, heart problems, cardiovascular disorders, hepatic (liver) issues and sever renal impairment disorders etc. are generally not advised for these medicines.

Does circumcision increase sexual pleasure

It neither increases nor decreases. Circumcision is also a matter of religious aspects in some places. If the foreskin of a penis easily rolls back causing no problem then it need not be circumcised. Some medical practitioners advise circumcision for hygiene purpose. However, in the cases of Phimosis i.e. excess of foreskin on a penis which cannot retract completely it may need circumcision.

What is the normal sperm count

A normal sperm count varies from 20 million to 150 million sperms per milliliter (ml) of semen out of which at least, 60% of sperms should have normal shape and motility.

Is sex desirable during menstrual period              

Sex is always desirable when there is willingness between partners. So, one can have sex during menstrual period also but under utmost hygienic precautions. However, at this time, mainly the readiness, comfort, physical & health condition, moods of the female partner are needed to be considered. 

What is Peyronie’s disease      

It is a kind of penis deformation. In this state, a penis gets an extreme curve during erection which is known as bent penis. It causes pain and makes sex impossible. Due to scar tissue inside the penis this problem arises. Mostly it is cured by surgical procedures.

Is your Viriltone useful in sexual problems

Yes. The system of Ayurveda (Indian herbal medicine system) showed very effective ways for treating sexual problems without any side effects. It indicated many herbs which cure sexual disorders very effectively.  Our product “Viriltone” is carefully prepared with selective and effective herbs under the supervision of experienced herbal physicians. It has 20 types of potent herbs like krounch, ashwagandha, gokshura, vidari, shatavari, musali, sonti, ginseng etc. To intensify the product’s efficacy its majority ingredients are taken in their extracted forms. It starts to show its effects within 4 – 6 weeks. However, this period may vary from person to person depending on his health conditions.  

Without any side-effects our product Viriltone considerably – 

Helps treat erectile dysfunction/impotence

Helps enhance and intensify the sexual stamina and desire

Helps cure premature ejaculation/early ejaculation

Helps promote maximum blood flow in to penile region for bigger, stronger, harder erections

Helps improve testosterone levels naturally to boost male libido 

Helps enhance the performance time

Helps promote spermatogenesis i.e. improvement in quality and quantity of sperms

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